Java 3D Tutorials

Here we hope over time that you will find a number of tutorials about Java and OpenGL. These tutorials cover all sorts of scope from simple getting started, to complex performance enhancement routines.

These tutorials are held locally by the server. If you would like to have an offsite tutorial linked here, please contact us.



If you've never used OpenGL before or even done 3D programming, these tutorials are for you.

Hello World

All new programming concepts start with a Hello World application. This tutorial will show you how to create a basic area for rendering into and an overview of how JOGL represents OpenGL calls.


Hard Core

Designed for the experienced 3D programmer that may be moving to Java + OpenGL from either another API (eg DirectX) or another language.

State Sorting

State sorting is one of the best ways of gaining performance in a 3D application. Following the old adage of to make money you need to spend money, state sorting adds a large amount of code and a reasonable amount of CPU cost to make minimise state changes being requested of GL. Not only does that gain us basic speed, but it reduces the number of calls to OpenGL across that costly JNI barrier


Quick Fixes

Short, quick and dirty tutorials on a small topic area. Usually extracted from posts to the Forums.