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This section is devoted to sites that we think are interesting and useful for OpenGL programmers. There is also a large collection of other site links over on the main sites page that are of the more general topics (eg intro to 3D graphics programming).


Information & Documents



  • Home of the underlying rendering API. Lots of good low level graphics info.
  • NeHe Game Development tips. A site devoted to 3D graphics programming with a bent for game development. Mostly an OpenGL site, but the general techniques will be applicable anywhere.
  • Flipcode a game developer news site. Of main interest is the 3D graphics Geometry Primer.
  • Delphi3D Home a lot of guys doing demos and applications using the OpenGL bindings to Borland's Delphi language (basically Pascal on steriods). Easy code to understand and fairly close to Java, making it easy to port.


Applications and Content

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General Interest



  • Frustum3D A large collection (50+) demos using OpenGL, mostly with complete source.
  • Humus3D OpenGL Page. The somewhat famous Humus site with a lot of little demos in both OpenGL and Direct3D. Now works for ATI doing demo development.
  • Nitrogen Demos A collection of demos and tools written mostly with Delphi and it's OpenGL bindings.
  • Polly Tag Demos A collection of simple demos, delivered using Java WebStart.
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