Java OpenGL FAQ

Welcome to the Java OpenGL Frequently Asked Questions area of J3D.ORG!

This section contains answers to many of the questions that have been seen on the JavaGaming website forums and If you have any questions about Java and OpenGL, please look here first. There's a good chance that some has had the question before you, and the answer is here.

This FAQ is updated on an as-needed basis. We don't update it every week. Sometimes it may go a couple of months with nothing and then have five new entries in a week. Generally, the time of most activity is around the ends of a product release cycle when the final version is available. In general, we try to keep information about alpha/beta releases of products out of the FAQ. As these are very transient, we feel that it is not worth putting in entries that will only be deleted a month down the track.

The principle maintainer is now Justin Couch ably abetted by a number of other people.

We must also include a plug for Yumetech for hosting the Java OpenGL FAQ as well as the rest of the site for us.

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