Java OpenGL

Welcome to the Java OpenGL section of the site. Here you will find a collection of tutorials, code and links relating to the combination of the OpenGL graphics APIs and the Java programming language.

There are several different projects that are aimed at providing Java bindings to OpenGL. While there are no formal, officially-blessed bindings to OpenGL, there is one on the way courtesy of JSR 231. The work project that testing the concepts as part of the JSR is known as JOGL.

Each of the bindings project have their own homepage and development site, as well as some associated forums. Because of this, most of the information you'll find here will be related to JOGL.

Combining SWT (courtesy of the Eclipse project) with OpenGL is of interest to many developers. We also have an implementation of JOGL that works well with SWT. If you'd like more information on this area, head to our SWT information page. There you can also find information about support for the Java OpenAL audio libraries as an Eclipse plugin too.